Miraowan – Vredeth 507

Gunnr 2 Family ; Sari, 20 ; Dan, 33 ; Rune, 0 ; Idunn, 38 ; Gerd, 4 ; Rollo, 17

Idunn hated it here, she missed her ex-husband, she missed her kids. She missed a lot of things. It was different here. Sari was head of the household and she was just a nobody. She had never been a nobody before. She was always met to be Chiefs wife.

Angie is woken up by loud banging on the jail walls. She looks around, afraid. What if today was the day? She then hears the lock open and she looks at her cellmate. He shrugs his shoulders and grabs her hand.

Lexie and Manuel walk out of the jail in shock. Nothing was happening to them. They follow the voice of a woman.

“Better get out of here before we change out mind.”

Manuel looks and Lexie and there is a moment of silence. Idunn looks away from the baby to raise an eyebrow at them. “Well, are you leaving or staying? The war is over.”

Lexie ask no questions, she changes out of her rags into something a bit warmer as it was fairly cool outside. She tugs on Manuels’ shirt to let him know she was ready to go and they head off.

Sari comes downstairs to take her daughter from Idunn. She didn’t mind she was here but she wasn’t excited about it.

Idunn makes herself busy, the cell needed to be cleaned after the prisoners and she knew Sari nor Dan was going to do it. She had to admit she hated this. She hoped though if she proved herself valuable they would let her daughter Erica live with them, or at the least let them move into a house of their own with a trusted Raider. Maybe her daughter would be married off and she could go with her.

With a clean cell, the family brings out somethings they hadn’t been able to use as so much of their land was taken from them. Sari takes some of the meat from the hunt and grills it up. She knew Dan would love this.

After lunch was done, Dan helped Sari tend their small garden. Sari talked about expanding it the whole time as they now had two more mouths to feed. Dan grunted his way through her unstoppable talking.

Towards the end of the month something wonderful happen. Rollo had been found, alive. As Dan walks past Idunn he stomach turns. He had never cared for his brothers first wife. At least Rollo, the only good thing she had created, was alive and well enough. The Raiders decided to have a celebration.

“Where did you find him brother?”

“He was in the woods.. Half starved and almost lost to the wild.”

“Thank you for finding my child.”

Loki hungry and tired of waiting for this great feast. He grabs one of the fruits from the tree and takes a bite.. He regrets it immediately.

“Sari! Motherhood looks amazing on you.”

“No need to suck up, I’ve heard your mothers pleas to have you move in and Dan and I find you a suitable match when time moves in.. We are discussing it child.”

With everyone in such good spirits, Amund opens his heart to his youngest child.

“Why is the boy moving in with us, we don’t have the space Dan.”

“He can’t move back home.. It won’t upset the ceremony taking place.. Don’t worry my love, the plan is to let him, Erica, and Idunn out into their own house to expand the tribe. We will have our home back in no time.”

Sari nods her head and gets back to her feast and the laughter and joy taking over..

“Mama Dunn, I miss you! When are you coming home?”

Idunn hugs the young boy. She missed him so much, even though he wasn’t hers, she had been apart of his life for 12 years.

With everyone gone, most of the family headed to bed. Rollo didn’t sleep though. His mother heads downstairs to see her son with a worried look on his face.

“My love, whats wrong?” Rollo looks at his mother and puts on a brave face.

“Nothing mother, just getting use to being free.” Idunn nods her head and kisses her sons forehead before going off to bed. Rollo moves away from the house and counts the days of the man he plans to kill. The war was over but Rollos hatred was strong. The settlers would pay.

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