Kingdom of Miraowan – Thuelt 507

Gunnr Family – Amund, 41 / Lexie, 46 / Torny, 17 / Erica, 15 / Loki, 12 / Egil, 7

The beginning of the year couldn’t have started better for the Raiders, they had ran the settlers out of town and they were free!

Lexie has her elder birthday that day while the kids were at school.. She was now an old lady that wouldn’t be able to have any more children. She was happy about that but also sad as she assumed her husband would soon take another wife.

With Torny brother still missing it was looking like she would take over her fathers legacy, at least temp until her brothers become of age. A sting of jealousy shoots past Torny’s heart as she thinks about being shoved aside for her brothers.. She would need to do something to make her she was Heir.

Amund: The war is coming to an end and we have won. The settlers have run for the hills.

Lexie: We did love, their numbers have dwindled.

Amund: We wouldn’t have been able to cause so much damage if it weren’t for you my queen.

Lexie gives a wide smile to her husband. She never would have thought her life would turn out like this. She became a queen, had beautiful children, and had lived a pretty calm life. Not to mention her ex husband was killed. Lexie made sure he was one of the first to go.

Even with the war close to being won Amund still spent a lot of time awake. He didn’t know where his son was still and he worried he might have been murdered. This made Amund angry and wanted to start the war all over again. He wondered how his brother progress was going with expanding the tribe.

Erica tends the garden with anger in her heart. Erica didn’t understand what she had done to her father for him to have such a distaste for her. “Tend the garden Erica!” “Clean this Erica.” She wanted to fight in the war just like her uncle, father, and sister. Not be a home maker. Obviously that hadn’t worked well for her mother.

Torny and Egil play early in the morning. With him being the youngest he knew he would never be heir but he hoped his brother didn’t become the heir, he was mean. Torny was fair and kind, she would bring the family to a good place and expand them for the better.

Idunn comes to visit her family often. She always has to do it when Amund wasn’t home as he was still a bit bitter about all the girls she had and only one boy.

Torny sits down and starts studying the history of her people. She knew most of the information but a lot of it was still new to her. It was coming close to her becoming the new chief.

“Are you excited for the ceremony?” Loki ask his younger brother.

“No, I am upset. Why goes Torny get to take over? It should be you.” Loki looks wide eyed at his brother.

“Where are those ideas coming from? Torny is the oldest and she is fair and kind. She will lead us to a new era.”

Amund heads out to the park to gloat. The town was fairly empty but he hoped with his daughter taking over that would soon change.

Amund meets up with a friend to talk about the whereabouts of his son.

“Have you found him?”

“No Chief. though so people I know he will be able to help you. The meeting is tonight.”

Amund thanks his connection before heading off back home. He wasn’t a man that broke his promises so his daughter would be chief but he needed his son back home and safe.

Back at home, Lexie sets up a trap for some food. She didn’t understand why she never did it before.

“Are you ready for the ceremony?”

“I am ready mother Lexie. If I am being honest I am a little nervous. I don’t want to have to fight my father.”

“It is our way, win or lose you are the chief.”

After the talk between Lexie and Torny, the whole family gathers in the kitchen for the first part of the celebration. Erica watches as her family laugh and eat. She understood she would never be apart of this family in the same way as everyone else. She was only a servant.

Lexie checks out her step daughter, she felt bad about how she is being treated but as a wife she must remain on her husbands side.

After the feast, Torny heads to the poles to practice. She needed every bit of practice she could get if she hoped to win against her father.

When everyone went to sleep, Lexie started working on her newest invention. The way Erica was being treated was a problem for Lexie, as well as Torny. They were going to do everything in their power to help her out.

“Sister, wait.” Erica turns around to her golden sister.


“I just want you to know I love you and when I become chief I promise this life will not continue.” Erica shook her head before running off to complete her chores.

After one too many drinks on the second day of celebration Torny tries for a kiss with her uncle of all people. It was an awkward night for all after that.

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